The Right Way to Do Weight Training

Besides being useful for building muscle, weight training is also useful for losing weight if done properly and regularly. Weight training is a sport that is quite difficult and has a high risk of injury, you are advised to be careful and if possible, ask an experienced sports instructor to accompany you. Practice using the machine first. If you start training with free weights such as dumbbells or barbells, you will feel pressure on your joints and lose balance in the core that supports your entire body, putting you at higher risk of getting injured the first time you try it. Here’s the right way to do weight training:

Weight Training

1. Exercise 3 times a week

To build strength from scratch, practice regularly at least three times a week. Even better if the exercise is done in alternating times. In this way, you can increase the body’s metabolism more effectively than if you exercise three days in a row. In addition, time lag is needed so that the body can recover after exercising.

2. Choose the right load

Light weights will not give the muscles a challenge to get maximum strength. Do not use weights that are too heavy because there is a risk of injury. Use weights according to ability. Add gradually if still strong.

3. Determine the reps

Weight training needs to be done repeatedly so you can get the desired results. The repetition of the exercise can be adjusted to the purpose of your exercise. If you’re weight training just to stay healthy, do 8-12 reps. To improve fitness, do 8-12 reps for two sets. Give yourself a break from the first set to the second set for 30-90 seconds to rest.

4. Determine the duration

The duration to do weightlifting is 20 minutes per session with the target of building two muscles. This two-stroke exercise is meant to move one muscle while the other is resting. Do three variations of the movement for each muscle group with 15 repetitions.

5. Create a good exercise program

The weight training program must be well structured and regular. Create a detailed or scheduled exercise program. Don’t train for a whole week. Leave 1-2 days for rest. Muscle will grow when the body gets enough rest.