The positive impact of a cold shower after exercise

Shower after exercise, Surely this one activity can make your body fresher. After that, if you want to rest it feels even more comfortable after cleaning yourself from sweat and other dirt. Although a warm bath can indeed relax muscle tension, it turns out that a cold shower also has many benefits. If you don’t know, here are some of the benefits of taking a cold shower after exercising :

Speed  up recovery

After exercise, try to help reduce inflammation of the muscles, joints, and tendons. Cold water locally slows the rate of blood flow, reduces inflammation, muscle and joint stiffness – thus ultimately reducing pain

Reduce the risk of gout

A study involved 10 healthy people who were tested to swim regularly in cold water during winter. After exposure to cold water, the researchers noted a significant decrease in uric acid levels. When your uric acid level exceeds about 5.5 mg per deciliter, you have an increased risk for a number of diseases including heart disease, fatty liver, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and more. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying to take a bath using cold water.

Burn body fat

Cold shower therapy can help increase your body’s fat-burning ability. By exposing yourself to cold temperatures—such as during a cold shower—the brown fat in your body is activated. As reported by, brown fat is a type of fat that produces heat that burns energy rather than storing it, its nature is more like muscle than fat. Studies have shown that brown fat can be activated to burn more fat by cooling the body. The role of brown fat can increase fat burning potential by up to 300%.

Make your body fresh

If what you want after exercising is a relaxing effect, then taking a warm bath is the right way to get it. However, if after exercising you want to immediately come back refreshed and resume other activities, then try taking a cold shower. Cold showers tend to be able to restore freshness quickly, especially when coupled with health supplements that can help increase energy so that the body does not get tired easily.